Version: 1.0.6

Released: 10/25/2023

Effective: 01/1/2023

Electronic Positive Response (EPR) Codes as defined by DigAlert

The EPR codes are maintained by DigAlert in conjunction with USA North 811 for continuity within the state of California.  These codes are used for members to submit responses to DigAlert's EPR servers.

For Excavators wishing to check responses, please see → Checking Electronic Positive Responses.  The responses will be displayed with the description not the code.

More information!

For more information on what the response codes mean and when to use them, please see Electronic Positive Response Best Practices

Code 016 will not be available for use until January 1st 2023

Response CodeDescription
000Reserved for system use only


Clear - No conflict
002Clear - No conflict but privately owned utility on property - Contact private utility owner for locate
003Existing markings adequate
004No markings requested

010Locate area marked
011Locate area marked but abandoned facilities may be in the area
012Locate area marked up to private owned utility - Contact private utility owner for locate
013Locate area marked up to private property
014Partially marked - More time is needed
015Provided facility location information to excavator (4216.3(a)(1)(A)(ii))
016Operator has located and marked all subsurface installations known to be embedded in the pavement

020Bad address/incorrect street/location info - Resend ticket requested
021No access to locate area - Resend ticket requested
022No delineation - Resend ticket requested
023Delineated area does not match location request - Resend ticket requested

030Contact facility owner for further info
031Requires stand by at time of excavation - Contact facility owner
032Visible or exposed facility - Contact facility owner if crossing
033High priority line in area - On site meeting required
034Field meet required - Contact facility owner to schedule
035Traffic control required to mark facilities

040Excavator completed work prior to due date
041Excavator no show for meet
042Excavator canceled request
043Excavator not digging within 14 calendar days (preplanning)

050Negotiated marking schedule
051Mutually agreed to a later start date and time (4216.3(a)(1)(A))
052Unable to locate using standard locating techniques
053Scheduled meet with excavator at requested date and time

080Extraordinary circumstances exist - No locate due to weather/emergency/safety conditions


Member has been granted an extension from the EPR requirement by the Board as defined in 4216 through 12/31/2021

998DigAlert Test Code - No Lines In Area
999Member did not respond by required time (system use only)