This guide will go through the process of using Newtin ETA on an Android Device.

Newtin ETA Walk-through
  1. Open the DigAlert App on your Android device
  2. After the application has loaded and you're on the home screen click the Newtin ETA icon
  3. When prompted "Allow DigAlert to access the device's location?click the button.

    If you accidently click the application will not function correctly. To fix it, go back to the home screen and tap the Newtin ETA icon again. You will be prompted a second time for the permission. After allowing the permission you will not be prompted again.

  4. Input your Newtin ETA credentials and click 

    If you want to store your credentials, tap the checkbox to

  5. After the page loads, click the  button to retrieve the tickets.

  6. The tickets will now load showing the Ticket number and the address associated with the ticket.

  7. Click on a Ticket number to show the details of the ticket including the map of the work area.

    On the map, the blue draw is the work area.  The red dot is the GPS location of your device and the red radius is the 1000 feet radius around your location.