Shape files can be polygons, lines or points. Polygon shape files are imported without buffering; they are considered pre-buffered and must be a minimum of a 50ft buffered file. Line and point shape files will be buffered by a specific number of feet, which you must specify (minimum of 50ft).


  • Shape file data needs to be submitted as NAD83 Datum or WGS84 Datum with a Coordinate Reference System of Latitude/Longitude
  • Shape files must contain valid data and have correct data for their shape type (i.e. lines must contain at least two points; polygon must have at least three points, etc.)
  • Shape files are of the actual underground facilities NOT grids
  • Name the shape file with your member code
  • Shape files are full replacement only, no additions or deletes will be processed.  You must submit a complete replacement shape file each time.

Files To Include
  • .DBF (database file)
  • .PRJ (projection file)
  • .SHP (shape file)
  • .SHX (index file)

Where to Upload the Shape Files
  • Files should be submitted in a zip file named with your member code

  • Files MUST be less than 100MB in size once zipped. If the zip files are larger than 100MB, please break them up into 100MB files by county
  • Upload the zipped files →