This documentation is intended for users who are members of DigAlert that own and/or maintain underground facilities.

ETA stands for Enforcers Ticket Assistant and is used to locate tickets near a user's current location.

Newtin Login

This documentation is intended for mobile users. However, if using ETA through a desktop device, head to and log in with your Newtin Login to continue.

Newtin ETA Walk-through

1. Get started by opening up the DigAlert app and heading to your home screen. Select the "Newtin ETA (Members Only)" button.

2. A window will prompt you to enter your Newtin username and password, enter both and click "Login" to continue

3. After successfully logging into Newtin, you will see the Newtin ETA page. Click "Get Tickets" to continue.

4. Allow location services so ETA will know where to search for nearby tickets

Desktop Users' Location

When using ETA through a desktop device, the location it requests is based on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) location and may not be accurate.

5. View the list of tickets nearby

6. Select the ticket of interest to view more information

When you click on a ticket to view more information, the details appear below the list of near tickets.

Along with basic ticket details, a map also appears that marks your current location (red/orange dot and radius) with the ticket drawing (dark blue / purple shape) overlaying the current mapping region.

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