Member Stats Report allows you to view the total number of tickets you received for the day, week, month or year broken down by ticket type, ticket priority or transmission.

How to Use
  1. Click on the “Member Stats Report” link under the “Reports” column
  2. Enter the date in the “Date” field for which you wish to view the stats
  3. If you have access to more than one member code, select the correct member code from the drop down list
  4. Select either by Day, Week, Month or Year to view the totals
  5. Select to view totals broken down either by Type (this is the type of ticket sent, for example one type is “New”. These new tickets are the tickets that you are actually billed for), Priority (how many hours notice the caller gave) or Transmission (how the ticket was delivered to you)
  6. If you wish to export this information into Excel or a text file check the “ASCII” checkbox
  7. Click “Submit” to display the totals