Ticket Delivery Report allows you to see what was delivered (or what should have been delivered) to your member code on a selected date.  This is helpful in determining which tickets you missed and need to resend.

How To Use
  1. Click on the “Ticket Delivery Report” link under the “Tickets” column
  2. If you have access to more than one member code, select the correct member code from the drop down list or check the box titled “All authorized members” to display all your member code deliveries in one report
  3. Enter the date for which you are checking the deliveries
  4. Click the “Submit” button

     Once the report is generated you will see the member code (titled “Code”), the Ticket, Rev (the ticket revision), Seq#, Dest (how it was delivered), Server (either A or B) and Delivered (the date and time of delivery).