All Others Location

All Others location type is only available to registered users, and is intended for locations that contain Latitude/Longitudes, locations that differ from the other location types, and/or have additional descriptive information.

Latitude/Longitudes coordinates can be used to describe individual points, bounded areas, or linear work areas. Enter coordinates in the Latitude Longitude field near the bottom of the page. 

To create an All Others location: 

  1. Select All Others under What type of location you are inputting? 
  2. Select a County and City. 
  3. If you have an address that requires more descriptive information, single street, or multiple streets Enter it under What is the address and Street on which you will be working?
  4. Enter the nearest cross street.
  5. Add the Descriptive information under What is the location of the excavation site you are working? box. This may include footages, descriptions, instructions, etc. 
  6. The map may have been auto drawn or you may use the pencil tool to draw you location. 
  7.  Click Next or Continue without a map if unable to draw location.
  8. Review & submit 
Tickets submitted under the All Others type will not be issued a ticket up submission. The ticket will enter a queue and you will receive a ticket number once it has been reviewed or you will be contacted with corrections/clarifications that must be made 

Single Address with additional location information

Map of a Lat/Long Point 

Map of a bounded area using 4 lat/long points

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