The Amendment option allows you to correct certain information on a ticket after submitting it. 

How to amend a ticket

To amend a ticket:

  1. Log in to your Direct account.
  2. Click on My Tickets on the Direct homepage. 
  3. Click the selection box next to the ticket number.
  4. Click Amendment in the header under 'My Tickets'. 

5. Click on Map Correction with Amend the Ticket if it is before the work start date & time and you need to correct the location.

6. Click Amend the Ticket if you want to edit anything other than the location. 

7. Make the changes. If it is before the work start date/time you may change/correct:

  • Site contact information 
  • Work start date/time 
  • Equipment being used
  • Emergency
  • Location 

8. Describe what changes you made in detail & click OK

9. Confirmation Screen 

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