Enforcers Ticket Assistant: allows DigAlert's Utility Members to view active and expired tickets that are near your current location or a drawn location. 

How to use ETA

To use ETA:

  1. Log in to your Direct account 
  2. Click on Start under Newtin ETA on the Direct homepage

3. If you using a GPS enabled device, it will display the tickets near your current location

4. To search by location, click on the search tickets tab at the top left corner  

5. Enter the County, Place (city), and Location you are searching for and click Find Location 

6. Check the map; If the map is incorrect, click the trash icon to clear and use the pencil to redraw the correct location, or click the back arrow try your search again 

7. Click view ticket when the map displays the location you are searching for 

8. Tickets in the area will be listed under the map; To view ticket details click on the ticket number

9. To view 7 day expired tickets, click on show expired tickets

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