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DigAlert Direct

Create tickets in a few easy steps, 24/7. 

  • Create tickets anytime including after business hours without having to wait!

  • Submit any type of location. 

  • Pinpoint your location with GPS coordinates. 

  • Compatible with GPS enabled devices to create tickets on site! 

Manage your tickets and keep them organized all in one place.

  • Access to all ticket functions without having to call!

  • Renew, request Re-marks, Amend, Duplicate, report a No Response, report a Damaged/Exposed line, any time. 

  • Stay up to date with your tickets by Renewing multiple tickets at once!

  • Access to a list of current and expired tickets to assist in managing tickets.

Create an account to have access to all our features!

  • Creating an account is free and provides a place to save your company information in order to create tickets in a flash!

  • As a registered user, you will find many features that help keep your tickets organized and help save time when creating tickets.

Use our time-saving features!

  • Our features will help you create and access tickets in a fraction of the time it would take to call.

  • Features can be accessed as a registered user in your account settings. 

  • Our Ticket Profile feature will allow your commonly used ticket information to auto-populate so that you save even more time!

  • Alternate company will allow an alternate contractor's information to auto-populate, and Alternate Number will allow access to tickets 

  • created under different numbers within your company. 

  • All of these features make creating tickets the fastest and most convenient way of using our service.

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