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HTML Format Details

Currently Available

Delivery Method(s): Email only

Released: 8/23/22

Effective: 8/1/22

Plain text can be difficult to read and information can be missed.  With HTML, it is presented in sections, with headers, bold text and is easy to read and find all the information.  Many members use parsers to pull out information on plain text emails which then requires them to know what line it is on, how many spaces to count and then how big the field might be.  For these members we recommend switching to JSON or XML web hook instead of plain text or HTML.  However, for members that can’t use web hooks or parse XML or JSON, you could parse HTML, even though we still don’t recommend this way, it could be used as a last resort.  All the fields of HTML have “id tags” that could be used to pull the field data from, instead of having to know the number of spaces, the line number and field length/type.

The HTML format contains all the fields of the current plain text format.  For a complete list of fields please make sure to see the current plain text documentation.

HTML Ticket Samples









Broadcast Message



End of day (EOD)

Download HTML code files for all ticket types, EOD and broadcast message samples (Format 1 with EPR link) - CURRENT FORMAT

HTML 2021 Format

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