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Notification Area (Shape File) Requirements

Released: 2/28/24

Effective: 3/1/24

Shape files can be polygons, lines or points.

Polygons are pre-buffered and imported without additional buffering (must be a minimum of a 50ft buffer). Line and point shape files will be buffered by a specific number of feet, which you must specify upon submission (must be a minimum of 50ft).


  • Must be submitted in NAD83 Datum or WGS84 Datum with a coordinate reference system of Latitude/Longitude

  • Must contain valid data and have correct data for their type (lines must contain at least two points, polygons must have at three points, etc.)

  • Must be of the actual underground facilities and not grids

  • Must be named with your member code

  • Must be FULL REPLACEMENT only, NO additions or deleted will be processed. A complete replacement MUST be submitted each time.

Files to include

  • .DBF (database)

  • .PRJ (projection)

  • .SHP (shapes)

  • .SHX (index)

Upload the shape files

Uploading shape files (member notification areas) has changed. In order to provide better service and security, members are now required to submit their notification area uploads through our new Member Services Help Center that does require an account. You can sign up for an account or login if you already have one by visiting the Member Help Center.

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