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Ticket Location Size Examples

Released: 2/15/24

Effective: 2/15/24

Ticket Size Examples

  1. 1/2 linear mile maximum

    1. Single addresses are exempt

    2. Rule #2 is exempt

    3. Rule #6 is exempt


Single Address

Location Example:
1379 Pico St x/st California Ave


Multiple streets limited to ½ linear mile

Location Example:
Both sides of Olympic Dr from California Ave to Rimpau Ave; Both sides of
Rimpau Ave from California Ave to Sunset Park; Both sides of Sunset Park
From Rimpau Ave to Mount Baldy Ct; Both sides of Mount Baldy Ct from Sunset
Park to Trabucco Park

  1. 2 linear mile maximum on freeways or railroad tracks


2 linear miles of freeway

Location example:
S/bound side of 15 freeway from 91 Frwy to Old Temescal Rd

  1. Intermittent locations


Intermitted Locations

Location Example:
Intersection of Olympic Dr and California Ave; S/E corner of Olympic Dr and
Rimpau Ave; Inter of Sunset Park and Rimpau Ave; inter of sunset park and
Mount Baldy Ct; S/W coroner of Mount Baldy Ct and Bighorn Park;
S/W coroner of Mount Baldy Ct and Santiago Park; S/W corner of Mount Baldy
Ct and Trabucco Park

  1. County lines

    1. Tickets will stop at county lines no matter the distance and will be issued a ticket for each county


Location Example:
County = Riverside, City = Corona
Inter of Aldergate Dr and Hellman Ave


Location Example:
County = San Bernardino, City = Chino
Inter of Aldergate Rd and Hellman Ave

  1. Bounded areas

    1. Cannot contain any named public roads

    2. Internal roads, private roads, driveways, trails or other unnamed roads are exempt


½ square mile bounded area, no streets

Location example:
Working in bounded area n/w by January Ct if extended s/w; n/e by Somerdale if
Extended s/e; s/w by approx. ½ mile s/w/of Somerdale; s/e/by approx. ½ mile
s/e/of January ct.

  1. Farms

    1. Locations are limited to 1 square mile

  1. Exceptions

    • Center supervisory staff may allow exemptions to any rule when warranted by the project, location and/or circumstances

    • All tickets that fall outside of these rules have been pre-approved by supervisory staff

    • Existing tickets issued prior to the effective date above are grandfathered in and will not be re-done to comply with these rules

    • Existing tickets where streets were not present when issued but after a map update appear are grandfathered in and will not be re-done to comply with these rules

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